Immortal Chronicle

The setting

Welcome to Merton, a prosperous city state within Ameroth. Recently the lands have had an unprecedented long span of peace allowing each of the various city state nations, especially Merton to flourish.

In recent weeks though troubling news from the south arrived, the demons of old have begun to rise again in the Krasian deserts, creatures until recently, thought of as myths. That at least was better then the silence of recent days. Traders have stopped returning, more are refusing to even leave. Tension amongst the local population is growing as the price of goods rises.

It is against this backdrop that our heroes find themselves in Mertonese jail, preparing to face execution

The Plan

The campaign shall be a long one, with plans to go all the way from level 1 to 20.

The players will not select their alignments, nor will I enforce any alignment type requirements. That said I will keep tally or sorts as to what alignment I think the players actions warrant mostly because I think it is interesting.

Attributes, I made the ‘interesting’ decision to instead of just rolling for stats, or using a point buy system to homebrew my own stat generation system through custom races, bonuses based on initial class selection and small allowance of stat distribution. This was a bit of a mistake on my part, as an unholy amount of time has been taken up with me trying to balance and keep track of it in preparation for the first session.

The custom races, are a great success(basically threw the players into pathfinders custom race creation system and said this is your point limit go nuts) and have chatted to each and fine tuned things a touch.

In hindsight keeping the stronger then standard custom races and then using a standard point buy still would have resulted in some higher then usual stats but saved me a whole bunch of effort.


Immortal Chronicle

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