Immortal Chronicle

Chapter 1, Session 1.

Prison Break, Bandits attack.

The sounds of screams echo up the prison tower prompting Jole to release our heroes.

A brief fight with a ranger and his pet weasels ensue.

A god(Neus) appears before them and grants them gifts after they prove themselves in combat.

One of the gifts is an old run down abandoned temple, containing a seal. At this stage they decide Jole is to be their slave and instruct him to begin cleaning.

The heroes waste no time commissioning it to be done up to it’s former glory.

On the way to the market they talk down some desperate thieves. Letting them live to thieve and kill another day. Perhaps on some less capable people.

In the Market they meet Garess. A successful merchant, along with getting him to pay they get they extort money out of the other local merchant families.

They capture and torture some bandits before handing them over to be crucified as an example.

They left their mildly injured horse for dead on the road outside the city and force ((Jimmy)) to drag the cart back to town.

1 hero point to anyone that reads this, and an extra for anyone that provides me with a good personal “Journal” type entry on the events.


Yay, hero point.

Chapter 1, Session 1.

Good work Bill.

Chapter 1, Session 1.
salnexia salnexia

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