Immortal Chronicle


And so it was through a variety of means our heroes ended up in the Merton Prison tower.


A few days pass rather uneventfully, to pass the time the heroes share stories of their pasts, and boast of their skills, anything to amuses themselves. The only break in each days monotony is delivery of the daily meal by a rather plumb guard Jole.

Jole, a rather portly man with a bushy mustache treats the prisons all fairly during their stay, although at times he is quick anger when insulted. He often speaks of a rather illustrious career in the Mertonese army, and never of any family or what caused him end up guarding the scum of society.

On this particular day Jole brings news. You all are to die. The execution shall be held 2 weeks from this day.


salnexia salnexia

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