Morgus Mirari

Rogue/Sorcerer from the people of Tholophonos


Level 1 Rogue (Will multicalss as a sorcerer)
Str – 12
Dex – 18
Con – 12
Wis – 8
Cha – 18
Int – 8

Racial traits

Advanced Ability Score (4RP)
+2 Str +2 Dex +2 Con -2 Int -2 Wis
+4 Cha
Advanced Cha (4RP)
+2 Cha
Advanced De (4RP)
+2 Dex
See In Darkness (4RP)
Can see in all darkness even magical
Static Feat – Catch Off Guard (2RP)
No Melee improv weapon negatives. Unarmed opponents are considered flat footed
Static Feat – Throw Anything (2RP)
No Thrown Improv Weapon negatives. +1 to hit with splash weapons
Fast (1RP)
+10 feet
Elemental Weakness – Cold (-2RP)
Vulnerability to cold (Cold does +50% damage)
Light Sensitivity (-1RP)
Bright light dazzles


About Morgus Mirari

Spending his younger years learning the ways of death (As all Thelopians do) Morgus was quickly spotted for his magical potential. He started to receive some training but it seemed that it would never develop so it seemed that the potential would never be reached. Even so he continued to develop his skills and was quickly recognised as one of the top assassins of his generation. His first mission, however, was to be his last. Paired with his brother, Manicolin, the were to assassinate a high ranking bureaucrat however the bureaucrat noticed Manicolin and managed to avoid the incoming knife thrown my Morgus…a knife that struck Manicolin in the heart killing him instantly. Morgus finished the job but was excommunicated from his people upon his return. He now works freelance taking jobs whenever he can. His brother always in his heart (Literally has a portrait of his bro tattooed on his chest)

Morgus Mirari

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