Savos T. Wildebeest

Apprentice Druid of Turtle's Charge


Advanced (4 RP) +2 Str, Dex & Con, +4 Wis, -2 Cha & Int

Scent (4 RP): gain the scent ability.

Defensive Training, Greater (4 RP): +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class.

Healthy (2 RP): +4 bonus on Fortitude saves against disease and poison, including magical diseases.

Lifebound (2 RP): +2 racial bonus on all saving throws made to resist death effects, saving throws against negative energy effects, Fortitude saves made to remove negative levels, and Constitution checks made to stabilize if reduced to negative hit points.

Static Bonus Feat (2 RP): Toughness

Animal Bond (X RP)


40 years before the birth of Savos T. Wildebeest his grandfather Krashahn Wildebeest, clan-leader of “The Sons of Gnu”, was in a dire situation. The clan’s tactical skills were impressive, but repeated attacks had created heavy losses too great to recover from. Treop Chelonii, clan-leader of “Turtle’s Charge”, extended the hand of friendship to them, and out of respect allowed them to live within his clan. After political marriages were made, trials were passed and alliances were finalized, the strength and insurmountable defense of the turtle clan was coupled with the speed and teamwork of the Gnu’s strategists. This allowed Turtle’s Charge to outnumber, overrun or overpower anyone who challenged them. Over time Turtle’s Charge became one of the most respected and feared clans in the land.

Forty-two years passed, and Savos’ parents were both killed in a sneak attack by a snake clan looking to build their renown. The snake clan in question didn’t last more than a week, but Krashan had to take it upon himself to raise his daughter’s child. By this point almost all of the clan had forgotten the teachings of the Sons of Gnu, so Krashan took it as an opportunity to pass his legacy onto the next generation, giving Savos his surname and taking every opportunity to impart the lessons of his life.

Being raised with the teachings of both the Turtle and the Gnu, Savos stood out amongst his generation as the wisest. As the most able-minded youth in the clan he was presented to their druid, Yamu Aldabra, as a potential apprentice. Yamu had been thoroughly against taking on an apprentice for many years but the pressure from Chief Treop Jr and the Druid’s Council (consisting of the head druids of the major clans) was beginning to get annoying. Yamu agreed to teach the boy his considerable knowledge of nature and magic, though he didn’t agree to be enthusiastic about it. For the next few years Savos studied nature’s magic, usually in ways that allowed Yamu some privacy, and learned to perform the duties of a clan druid; Identifying and familiarising himself with potentially dangerous animals, predicting the weather, appraising magical objects, combating hostile spellcasters and occasionally giving relationship advice to lovelorn clansmen.

As the years went by Savos developed into an adult, old enough to take on the coming of age trial, in which a person must challenge a warrior of the clan and defeat him in combat to become a warrior of the clan themselves. Savos was ready, he was no novice when it came to fighting, and his magic would have given him an edge. His hopes were high, until Chief Treop Jr took him aside to explain something; A warrior must challenge a warrior to enter, but as Savos was to be a druid he would have to challenge the only druid in the clan, Yamu. Savos recalled dozens of occasions when Yamu had explained that he never took idle challenges – when he fought, he fought to the death. Suddenly those moments seemed less like idle chatter and more like a warning. Yamu’s skills far surpassed Savos’, and even far surpassed those whose skills far surpassed Savos’. It took less than an hour for him to realise he had to run away; The clan would treat him like scum if he refused to do the trial, Yamu would never teach him enough to stand a chance and it wasn’t unprecedented for weaker clansmen to leave, hone their skills and return when they were strong enough. With that in mind he set out to find his inner strength or, if he could not, to find a new place to call home.


Savos T. Wildebeest

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