Nisl and Proxy (shaun)


Psionic Wilder – Chaotic Surge


RP= 4 Advanced +4 +2 +2 +2 2 -2
RP= 4 Advanced CHR +2
RP= 0 Standed language
RP= 2 * 3 Static bonus feat
RP= 1 Fast
RP= 1 Light and Dark – swap healing
RP= 1 Dual minded- +2 will saves
RP= 3 Change shape lesser- can change to other humanoids


Can only gain control if Nisl is in danger, threatened or near death. If in control for more then 1 hour and not in immediate danger DC 25 will or loses control (checks every hour)

Power stone of conceal thoughts – 25gp
Explorers outfit 10gp 5lb
2 pound bag caltrops – 1 gp 2lb
Cognizance crystals
minor +1pp =75gp
Decorated cristal staff (vanity long spear) =50gp 6lb
Fake Diamond= 1gp
Bladed Ring=1gp
Healers kit= 50gp
silk rope 50ft =10gp 5lb


Nisl (psyche) and Proxy

A special type of changeling called Eyaros Shifters Nisl was to young to be taught the history of his race. Far secluded from most of the world without the ability to use magic the Eyaros lived humble lives using their shape changing bodies for hunting, creating basic tools and avoiding being discovered by predictors. After one of the elders found a large clear crystal in the hands of a dead alien creature the Eyaros took it as a sign and began to worship the crystal. Over time the worshipers began hearing voices, these voices taught them many things such as ways with weapons, new languages, history of far away places. The most important lesson was how to connect the mind to a power never seen before in all the lands, the power of psionic. With the new found power to manipulate the world and others with just their minds the power of the Eyaros grew, rivaling even the most powerful of magic users. The Eyaros society grew over time and became a super power of the relm, by this time the crystal know now as Vision was worshiped as a god of knowledge and power. It was this power that would be the Eyaros undoing.

Nisl was born in front of Vision as all hopeful psionic are. Only 20% of the Eyaros are chosen to be gifted with psionic abilities and only 40% survive and event. Nisl was one of the lucky ones he was given the title of Wilder, someone who can truly push the mental boundaries of their abilities. Growing up in royalty all “clouded” (non gifted) kept their eyes lowered in his presence as a sign of respect that is demanded of all but the gifted. Any that didn’t Nisl had no quarrel with ending them either by destroying their minds leaving empty husks or by more physical means. It was at the age of 22 after he overcame the banished gifted Ramo’tor that he was declared a Prime which is a honer that goes to only 50 psions. For the next 5 years he served as a hunter, going after only the most powerful and deadly creatures and foes. It was during a mission to silence a paladin of the humans, that was causing a revolt against the Eyaros and their “ungodly” powers. Nisl received a whispered message from Vision.

War had come to the Eyaros. Nisl was far from the central town and only had with him a small team of clouded when the mage attacks began on his city commenced. Nisl and his party made the journey through the enemy lines and fortifications sometimes fight past dozens of adept and expert mages, until finaly they reached the central keep. All the while a strange force was guiding Nisl actions. The Master Psion ordered Nisl to sneak Vision from the city and keep it safe until the attack ceased, eager to battle he reluctantly accepted. Managing to sneak out of the city with the crystal in a bag of holding Nisl made his way to a small human town. Being new to the town and needing to disguise himself he began looking for someone to assimilate (absorb life mass, memories and soul). He followed a man to his home Nisl read his thoughts and determined the mans name was Dusstin Lords, a commoner and a artist he has a loving wife and two kids. The perfect cover once he had all his memories. Once alone with Dustin, Nisl attempted assimilation (a task he had performed many times before) but he was met with resistance. Outraged Nisl taped into the full power of his psionic ability, pushing the limits and then exceeding them. As if by divine chance the strap of the bag containing the crystal snapped and it fell to the ground in front of Dusstin, who picked it from the ground and gazed at its wonder. Nisl not thinking straight atempted to grab the crystal form the Dusstin, it was at that point of time a true anomaly happened. Forgetting he maintained the charge of his assimilate Nisl, Dusstin and Vision bound together.

Lights, colors and hundreds of familiar faces flashed before Nisls eyes. Unable to respond or make sense of the visions, they disappeared as fast as they appeared. Awakening in a tavern The vision his name and some distant feelings are all Nisl can remember of his life. Not knowing where he is, where he is from, how he got here whats happening. He asks a bard the only obvious questions “who am i” to witch the bard with all his wisdom reply with a sly smile and says “an adventurer”.

Nisl and Proxy (shaun)

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