Ameroth, a rather large and varied continent in the middle of an unnamed sea. A prevailing pattern of strong winds in a single direction make travel by sea difficult, at least if one plans to both leave and return by the same means. The strong winds bring with them a mineral rain to the majority of the continent but leave odd barren patches through out the land.




Ameroth has since the earliest histories been forever embroiled in the same war then uneasy peace cycle. The reasons for these wars are varied, sometimes between different cultures or races, other times the disputes are religious in origin or at other times purely a result of greed of the current leadership of the city states.

Recently things have got worse. Although Ameroth has experienced one of the longest periods of peace in it’s entire history, unfortunately this is the result of the diminishing populations of the races of men.

In the south in Krasia armies of demons have sieged their cities, in the north there have been sitings of these demons and others but nothing like the armies that plague the southern deserts.

Trade routes from Merton have been cut off, any that try and reach the other cities are never heard of again. The people of Merton are reasonably self sufficient so the people live on but the once prosperous people have fallen on harder times resulting in an increase in banditry around the rich mine routes.

Of the other cities nothing has been heard in more then a year.


Recent history has seen a significant change in the beliefs of the masses. Once they worshiped the Nine as gods, and praised their glory, but now some are almost spiteful and spit as they speak of The Game where once they praised. Many are to jaded to even hate, they accept that they have no control over their fate, and their role in the game. Neither worshiping nor scorning any of The Nine.


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