In the beginning there were but nine. Nine beings, gods if you will. Barely sentient these beings fought and fought in attempts to destroy the others, and as they fought they learnt. They learnt to form alliances, and they learnt deceit. Battles raged on in the chaos of raw magic that was the universe creating new and wonderful things, lump of various elements floated as debris in a cosmic battlefield.

Over time they began to notice these creations, and after some fruitless attempts to harm each other with them they grew possessive of these chunks of earth, metal and water. They fought to protect their own and destroy the others, or steal parts of them for their own.

The state of ones chunk became something of a status symbol, and so it was that rarer metals became highly valued above all else, that is until one day life was discovered. Soon the chunks were teeming with life forms in various all those except those possessed by Bladen. Bladen despised these new living beings, he feared what they would become, and in a time when a sort of peace was finally developing between the Nine, he began to destroy.

Soon the others tied of losing countless species to the mad god’s rage and formed an alliance. Together they combined the chunks in their respective territories to form a prison in which Bladen could be held. Part of the conditions of the alliance was that a portion of each of the remaining eight’s powers would be used to contain blade, as well as the end of any direct conflict.

Thus was the birth of Amera and the beginning of The Game the gods play with men.


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